10 marriage tips for happy marriage


10 tips for the best marriage

Anyone who is or has ever get married thanks to singles dating websites will attest to how hard marriage can be sometimes. The stress of children, finances, job, health, and home issues can spoil the spousal relationships, leaving only little time to concentrate on the importance of your spouse and you as a couple.

Is there a better feeling than having the kind of gratitude, admiration intense love and that can be felt only for the partner with whom you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life?

Here’re 10 marriage tips that make the happy marriage moments even happier!

1. Talk to your spouse. When something is bothering you, the worst thing you may do is hold it inside and let it fester. Doing that only causes hostility and ultimately resentment. If you tell your spouse what your feeling as polite is and nice as possible, you will feel so much better that chances are, you will not even be bothered anymore. Your spouse will then do one of two things: disagree or apologize. Either way, you win because it is not bottled up any longer.

2. Listen to each other. Is it listening the opposite of talking? No. In our opinion, listening is the opposite of arguing. People talk too much and do not listen. That is a mistake.

3. Date and have fun together. No couple should ever stop dating. Getting a babysitter and going out for a movie, a romantic dinner, a concert, a play or even playing golf keeps a couple together emotionally connected.

4. Nurture your relationship. Marriages are like plants. You have to water them to keep them alive. Marriage is work, but you should want to do that work!

5. Learn to forgive. Everyone messes up. No one is perfect.

6. Fight fair. If you’re having an argument, remember these things. Keep your voice down, listen to the point of view of other person, which does not mean you have to agree, say “I am sorry” if it is warranted, refrain from name calling or foul language, breathe deep before saying anything you might regret, and if you must, just disagree to agree.

7. Treat each other with kindness and respect. Remember the Starbucks barista?

8. Kind gestures go a long, very long way. Thoughtful, kind gestures lead to appreciation, smiles, hugs and yes, romance and sex.

9. Have alone time and time with friends. Being apart is a good thing, as it gives us space, the chance to miss and appreciate our spouse, and to feel balance.

10. Admit fault and say I am sorry. Regarding “I am sorry,” those words can be quite powerful, and so often more meaningful than “I love you.”

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