Beware: top of the worst dating scenarios


So, let’s say you have met an amazing guy or a cute girl on the Internet at one of the free dating websites, you have flirted with him/her a lot and then decided to go for a date in real life. Guess everything should go right after you’ve already arranged the meeting and taken care about the whole deal, right? Nope, not a bit of it! Better be at least mentally prepared for one of the following unpleasant situations that you should response to immediately in most cases.

Late arrival

It’s in fact one of the most typical mistakes/drawbacks/pitfalls – call it whatever you like. There can be more than enough time for both of you to come for a meeting place, but there are such things as gridlocks, last minute phone calls, unarranged circumstances (to be mentioned again and again as the ultimate dating evil). The reason for the delays can be quite different, you know, so don’t be so sure that your date will be an exception to this ubiquitous rule of late comings.

Sudden lack of romance

Imagine that you come to some romantic restaurant with a girl of your dream, the candles are burning low, the music is playing softly, the pheromones of love are flying in the air and the works. When suddenly – out of the blue – the waiter falls and pours out the wine/hot tea/coffee on you and/or your date. Or there can be much worse situations. Well, anyway, the best thing in such a situation is to remain calm, and it is also best time to engage your sense of humor and laugh at yourself (but not your partner, of course) .

Uninvited guests at your party for two

Sometimes you are just not able to predict the future, so there can always happen a misfortune of meeting someone unwanted in a restaurant or a cinema like your noisy/shameless/ill-mannered friends/colleagues/relatives. Or imagine a creepier thing: you bump into one of your exes. In case anything like that happens, stay frosty, acting as if nothing had happened. Then you will surely win bonus points from your dating partner.

Uninvited people on your date. Part two.

There is probably nothing more nasty than the instant and distracting buzz of your mobile phone, when someone keeps on calling you for some trifling reason. Don’t answer your phone or, in order not to face this pitfall, better turn off for the whole time of your date, unless you want it to serve a turn-off reason number one.

These are only a few of the possible bad dating scenarios so be ready to take anything easy and then everything will be fine.

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