Third date tips will make your date pleasant and unforgettable

Third date tips

A date is always an exciting and important event and it doesn’t matter what date you are having a first one or the third date. It is often the point that influences the further development of the relationships and whether they will develop at all. To make this date not the last one it is necessary not only to prepare for it, but also to avoid committing some common mistakes. That’s why here are some general third date tips for men and practical third date advice for women to help you with your date.

Preparation for the date

Sometimes an invitation for a date is a pleasant surprise, sometimes it is the long-awaited event that you dreamed for many weeks or even months. In any case, it is necessary to prepare for a date: to tidy your appearance and to pick a cute outfit. Of course, few people would think to come to a date with a terrible hairstyle or in a shabby dress, thus showing disrespect to your partner. Yet women and men often forget about the important things that make up the image, and as a result produce an unfavourable impression.

Here are some general 3rd date tips. Before the first date it is useful to “clean the feathers”. You should not drastically change your appearance, otherwise the guy just can not find a girl whom he has invited to the meeting or the girl would not recognize the boy who has invited her. Conventional treatments is quite enough. Do not use too many cosmetics, but makeup can be brighter than usual. The same can be said about the hair: the styling should not be the one you have everyday, but a little dressier.

Eight errors that it is better not to make during your date

The date is the time when people are looking at each other. And if a guy or a girl is going to be disappointed, he will not continue dating. What things are the most disappointing for people during the date? What third date questions you should not ask?

Error 1. Unnatural behaviour. The attempts not to be yourself but someone else may seem ridiculous and sometimes even pitiable. This is connected both with the appearance and the behavior. It is much better to be just and friendly, and not to play some obscure role.

Error 2. Talkativeness. It is proved that women talk much more than men. It’s perfectly natural, but many guys consider chatting with young lady who is constantly talking to be tedious. There is no need to tell your detailed biography at this date. It is better to give out information about you gradually. There is no need to talk about all your problems. This can just scare your interlocutor. Excessive boastfulness won’t be suitable in this situation either.

Error 3. Diffidence. Many people find shyness just charming. But when your interlocutor cannot say two words and looks at his/her feet all the time and behaves awkwardly, communication becomes painful. You must be able to ask questions, encourage a friend to talk , speak gently but firmly.

Error 4 Commercialism. There is nothing new or surprising in an effort to find a beloved person who will make your life better in material terms. Yet men are usually hurt if they are treated as “walking wallets”. Asking for gifts and hinting on some financial aid is completely irrelevant.

Error 5. The lack of your own opinion. This person always agrees with his/her companion. “As you say. As you want. As you wish. I do not care.” Such person cannot answer any question unless he/she knows what is the expected answer. This person is ready to adapt. It is very comfortable with such a person but at the same time incredibly boring.

Error 6: Haste. On the date people usually get accustomed to each other. This is not the time to plan weddings or discuss the names for your children. It is too early to ask questions how much your partner earns and what house duties you will have. Do not be in a rush- it often deters and even frightens people.

Error 7. The demonstration of independence. If a girl constantly emphasizes her independence and constantly insists to pay in a cafe, a man may be quite reasonable assumed that this girl is not interested in his advances.

Error 8. Inattention. All people, regardless of sex, love attention. No one will like if his/her interlocutor is constantly distracting, is writing messeges and is gladly answering the phone calls. Such behavior is a demonstration of disrespect and lack of interest, so don’t expect the continuation of your relations.

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