Dating her if she is a real smoking hot beauty?


Introduction to dating with a beauty: general considerations

Lucky enough to meet some girl online, who is very attractive? Think that she is the ideal you have been searching for? Then be ready for various… well, let’s call them “special aspects”. Why should we even mention that? In a word, everything is simple: men rule the world, but beautiful women in most cases rule the men. Sad but true, don’t you find? And not to mention the fact nobody’s actually perfect and every woman has her faults and drawbacks, of course.

However, even the devil (including those of his personifications who wear Prada) is not so black as it is painted. Dating with an attractive woman has its own undeniable advantages. Think of it as of the good opportunity or raising your self-esteem, social status and other things like that. And you may be proud that she has chosen you to go on a date. At the same time stick to the following simple principles.

How to be the one who can produce a good impression on her if she is a cutie?

The main thing and problem about being perfect at a date with a smoking hot and smart woman is to be somehow original in your manners – as you can probably guess, attractive women sooner or later all get used to hearing standard set of lame compliments about their appearance, clothes whatsoever. So, avoid banalities and try to guess what should become a nice surprise for her – do some homework and plan your words and actions beforehand. And, strange as it may seem to you, but being original can actually suppose that you should treat her like she is just another ordinary girl you have invited for a date. Remain yourself but at the same time do not forget that the girl nearby is special to you, not showing that to her – find a balance between these two points in order to take it all easy and simply have fun together with her.

Take the initiative and ask her about the things she is interested in, about her hobbies, music tastes and so on. This will do a lot to give her to understand that you appreciate not only her looks but the best traits of character in her as well – for instance, the sense of humor or the manner of speech.

And it stands to reason, of course, that during almost the whole date she will attract the attention of other men, catch their glances, etc., if you decide on going to the cinema, park, restaurant or any other public place – so be ready for that, too. It’s not that you should prepare for being treated by other men like someone who has found a treasure box, but nevertheless. That is why give her what she needs and wants – a sense of comfort and protection from the people around her.

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