Divorce after 18 years of wedlock in France

Divorce after 18 years of wedlock in France

It seems that these days visiting and using online dating websites – even without physical contact can be hazardous to your happy marriage. Moreover, it can serve as a strong reason for divorce – so happened to be the decision of the family court in one of the French cities. A wife of 45 and a husband of 43 years old, had had three children before they got their divorce – and this took place after eighteen years of life together! The woman was accused by her husband of cheating through the internet with men she had never even met, using one of the Belgium-based social networks called Netlog. And a judge granted her husband’s demand for a divorce. The judge agreed that this breach of faith was the wife’s sole fault due to her online infidelity.

The wife said only in her defence, that her online dating with unknown men was the result of her prolonged depression. Still, the trial jury decided that her depression was not such a serious factor to make her visit the website and contact the men online for some period of time, sharing her intimate photographs with them. Although there was no physical infidelity as such, it was considered that the fact of seeking some extra-marital relationships was definitely an offensive behaviour in relation to her husband. As according to French state marriage laws, spouses owe each other mutual respect, fidelity and help. And it was the respect that was failed by the wife.

Dating sites for married: how many people opt for online cheating today?

But what is the situation with cheating via the online means in Britain? Recent surveys show the striking evidence – approximately one fifth of the British people, which are either in relationships or married, visit various dating sites on the Internet. Actually, all the people were asked several questions. The first one was about visiting dating sites in general. And about fifty-eight per cent of people replied in the positive to it, while the remaining forty-two per cent of the respondents claimed that they had not done that. Then it turned out that from these forty-two per cent about twenty-one per cent of respondents in the age of from 18 to 35 years old had used various websites and applications for online dating without their partner’s knowledge. And finally, the fourteen per cent of people had to admit that they were still using the online dating servicing opportunities while being in relationship at that moment.

Although it is worth mentioning that there’s always a possibility that some married couples can visit dating sites out of sheer interest, these are the readings, which speak for themselves – online dating is gaining popularity among the people, who are already involved in relations. For what it’s worth, this only proves the ancient proverb, saying that stolen pleasures are sweetest. But can it all be that bad, indeed? Is the online cheating going to lead to numerous divorces all over the European countries? The answer to this question still remains to be seen in the nearest future.

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