The most effective tips for successful first date with a girl


15 Top Tips to Impress a Girl on Your First Date

Instead of giving users of online dating sites thorough pointers, we have wrote a list of top 15 ways to attract a girl on the first date, in conjunction with short descriptions of them. This list isn’t written in order of very much importance. It is just a list containing 15 exact ways to attract girls. And, yes, you can implement all 15 tips into the next first date…

1. Take her somewhere original, fun, and creative. Almost all first dates are in most cases somewhat boring. Where a guy decides to take a girl will show her more about his personality.

2. The manly gesture to do is to open doors for her. It’s obvious. Open the door then let her enter the restaurant (café, pub) before you.

3. You should smile when a date talks. It shows that you are interested in her and what she is saying. Also it shows your date you pay attention and listen to her intently.

4. Pay for EVERYTHING. The girl might say she does not mind if she will pay, but she does actually.

5. Be honest with your date. Girls hate dishonest guys and they are great at revealing a lie.

6. Give the girl compliments. Do not be cheesy or praise the size of girl’s bosom. Be natural and compliment dress, eyes, hair of your date etc.

7. Tell non-offensive but funny jokes. Girls are impressed by guys with a good sense of humor.

8. Kiss her at the end of your meeting. This convinces a girl that you like her.

9. Do not ask a lot of questions. Comments more answers than ask questions. It is always annoying to have a person ask you hundreds of questions.

10. Express confidence. Confidence is always sexy. Simple and plain. If a guy shows a girl that he is a confident one, she will be attracted to him.

11. Hold girl’s hand when you are in public. Girls dig men that are not afraid of holding her hands in public.

12. Put your hand near her. Women like being touched. This should be a great chance to show your affection.

13. Keep your conversation interesting. Do not bore a girl with stupid subjects like the crazy ex-girlfriends, your crappy job, or weather.

14. Tease her. Find somewhat silly little things the girl says or does and tease her in a playful manner about them.

So these were the main effective tips for your first date with a girl. Be sure that the full implementation of all these rules can threaten you with a long-run relationship… if you want, of course!

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