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Dating sites are like mushrooms in the Internet. Google search engine generates 9.350.000 results only for the “dating personals” keyword.

Every day people are searching for the different online dating websites: A lot of them are just cheap knockoff of well-developed providers with different fakes on each page and have a data base that works badly. However, sometimes people find several excellent online dating sites. Most Internet users are asking the same: Is there some great dating websites that are completely free?

We answer: “Yes and no – you can find some wonderful dating sites that are partly free of charge.”

We’ll try to explain this morally disputable statement concerning free dating websites:

The excellent dating websites have to be developed very well technically to get a lot of members going. “Who´s online” function becomes compulsory today. Users further look forward to automatic filters for annoying admirers. The number of features of “must have” in the dating world online is great and is getting greater each day.

Good marketing knowhow is also very important to attract many people to register, because everyday’s “fresh meat” is daily an essential factor for an attractive dating website. Without those members it will become boring soon.

If the site has all this features and is getting every day more popular, users also desire to be tended – the editorial part can’t be managed anymore by the way. How would you, for instance, verify nearly 8.000 registrations daily, handle complaints and requests while moving to a server that is bigger since the old one broke down during rush hours?

Partially Free Online Dating Sites

An amount of good online dating providers have characteristics that are to extend free. As potential clients people can browse through the individuals, look at various profiles and publish their own profiles on the site. Some dating websites even provide people with the opportunity to respond to text messages from other users at no charge!

In reality, dating website providers invest a lot of money in staff, security, technology, and marketing to survive. This may hardly be done without the income thanks to membership fees.

Oops, in fact, there ARE several exceptions: online dating websites that do not require too much activity due to the small target group (Christian singles, Catholic singles, married singles etc.) are in some cases really great and have fantastic results with great idealism and limited means. People can find these free dating sites in our category Dating Reviews Sites.

Featured Dating Sites

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