Finding the secret formula of love


Love research results

The answers are not so clear for all the afflicted and who are desperately surfing on the web trying to find their perfect match. And a study conducted not so long ago in the year of 2012 by the group of researchers led by the psychologist Eli Finkel from Northwestern University came to the conclusion that there was definitely no certain algorithm that could be used to predict a successful match, despite of all the statements of the online dating services.

“No compelling evidence supports matching sites’ claims that mathematical algorithms actually work” – in a word, such were the results of the study published in the journal Psychological Science at the Public Interest.

The researchers also stated that the online dating websites for singles were in a poor position to know actually how the two matches would develop their relationships, which way it would thrive and mature over time as well as how the dynamics of their interaction would either promote or undermine romantic attraction and long-term commitment between them.

“Netflix formula” to be the Holy Grail of love?

Another team of researchers, this time led by Dr. Kang Zhao, an Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa claim this year that they managed to find a special method that really improves your chances for online matches.

What’s interesting is that their “new” formula is based on some of the techniques already used by such successful online companies as Netflix and Amazon, and is partly based on user recommendations, and not only the profiles filled in by the internet users that may turn out to be either incomplete or inaccurate.

The team leader told that in their study they had looked at users’ activity online instead of their profiles. According to his words, our activity reflects our tastes and somehow determines the level of our attractiveness/unattractiveness.

Let’s say person A shares a lot of parameters with person B, who uses to draw a lot of positive responses from the opposite sex, that person A will surely elicit a similar response. This effect is known as “collaborative filtering” and is used by the online commerce firms.

Dr. Kang Zhao said that using this system, the chances of getting a response can increase up to 40 per cent compared to a baseline without using collaborative filtering. Whether it is a perfect match, he doesn’t know. But at least he thinks that can contribute a lot to people’s getting a successful date.

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