Genius idea! and Mensa unite in online dating


It is a genius idea for geniuses!

Online dating website is uniting with Mensa, a high IQ membership organization, to join really very smart people.

Only members who fulfill requirements of Mensa by testing in 98th percentile on the IQ test can register for the exclusive online dating website launched the current week.

Mensa Match users will be connected with other Mensa users, as well as with the other Match users, said John McGill, American Mensa’s national marketing director.

Meeting people of a higher intellectual mindset can really enhance the relationships, said McGill.

American Mensa provides its service for approximately 57,000 users and according to the website of the organization it was estimated that nearly 6 million Americans are able to be admitted to membership.

Scott Porter, a man who has recently signed up for the service Mensa Match, said that he joined this organization with the purpose to meet people, so for him the new service Mensa Match seems to be like a natural expansion of that.

“I have hit walls in the relationship where I got to the moment of what are we should talk about next?” Scott Porter said, a man who has recently signed up for the new service Mensa Match.

He said he has noticed that intelligent individuals are generally curious. So, if you find someone who is curious, you can possibly always find something to speak about.

To most a brainpower is very important, according to the survey conducted by, which reports that 80% of users said that dating a person of the same knowledge is “very important” or a “must have.”

Intelligence also correlates to other benefits, like higher incomes, creativity and sense of humor, said Helen Fisher, Match’s chief scientific adviser, in a statement.

“Everywhere people gravitate to smart partners, because an intelligent lover comes with a number of sexy perks,” said Fisher.

If you are not in Mensa, then you can pass out the practice test for only $1 through July 6 to get known if you are smart enough for this amazing opportunity to get a membership of this genius online dating service.

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