A good story of a successful acquaintance through the dating site

David and Sarah

How it all started

So this is the story how David met his future partner in life Sarah through a dating site match.com just a couple of years after his divorce. Here David stands for my name. What should I begin with? Well, first of all, I must confess that I’m free from various preconceptions like “you should look for and find your only one, your second half” and so on.

So, when my colleagues told me about the opportunity of meeting someone on the Internet, it seemed to be a silly idea for me at first. “Just a mere waste of time”, I thought without any enthusiasm then. But if you think that I didn’t change my mind, ha! Then you simply don’t know the good people I have to work with! My colleagues continued on and on, talking me into registering at match.com and eventually they persuaded me. Actually, there was the moment when I thought “For Heaven’s sake! Why not?” and decided to create my own profile at match.com. So that became the turning point number one.

How our first online meeting took place…

Well, naturally I started browsing the profiles of women from the city I live in, and I may have looked through the Sarah’s profile one or two times – I can’t pass word for that. I didn’t expect for anything special, you know. And I don’t actually remember now what was the first commentary that she left under one of my photos, but it’s not so important. She took her first step, I commented on the photo in her profile – and soon we began communicating via the Internet – that was another turning point, for both of us. And you know what? It turned out that we both have much in common, really!

For example, Sarah is crazy about Mexican food – just almost as much as I am, she likes listening to almost the same jazz performers as I do… and a variety of those other mere trifles, you know, which only contribute to the feeling that this very person is a little bit closer to your heart than you thought.

…and what it led to

Then we exchanged phone numbers – and it was quite an interesting experience, you know, to hear the voice of someone you had already exchanged so many text messages with! After a week or maybe two of communication over the telephone we decided to go for our first date – we both though it would be a great idea! So we went to a small jazz concert (which is to my mind not so bad for the first date). And sometime after that we decided that it was the right time for both of us to take the next step and start living together – the great moment! So, this is it – now I can bindingly claim that dating service, provided by match.com really works!

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