Herpes dating: you are not alone!


Herpes basics, some facts and figures

Basically, there is one major rule that you should follow and never forget with a herpes diagnosis. That is: never allow herpes control your life! There are millions of people with the same disease around the world, some of them don’t even realize that they have herpes! It means that you are definitely not alone! Statistics tell us that about 70 per cent of the USA people have HSV-1, more commonly known as Cold Sores or Oral Herpes, while 20 per cent of North American population have got a HSV-2 diagnosis or Genital Herpes. There are enough various Herpes Support Groups, where you can seek professional help and advice if you decide dating people with herpes.

Thing to be faced and overcome

The Herpes diagnosis is rather a challenging factor to influence your emotional state, of course. Still, it’s not the reason to give up the idea of dating! Knowing more about the Herpes and precautions needed to be taken to minimize the risk of the disease transmission will let you stay confident and keep growing as a person, living a happy life and enjoying dating someone. Everything that you will have to do then is overcome the shame of dating with Herpes. Do not forget that Herpes is just another change in your life – it’s not a lifetime sentence or something just as creepy.

Just one thing to be done before dating

Before you are going to date someone with Herpes, you will surely need to have a small but serious Talk with your dating partner about your diagnosis – and the sooner the better unless you want to get into an embarrassing situation. Just be direct an honest with him/her. However, this is considered to be the most complicated thing in dating with herpes. But, again luckily for you, there are many free Herpes dating sites on the web today where you can meet people with the same situation as yours and won’t need to explain all the details to the person who you are interested in as a dating partner.

Tips on reducing Herpes risks

Some basic precautions for Herpes dating are to be mentioned here, because, as it was already stated above, awareness is one of the keys to your happy life and happy dating with Herpes. So, the following steps will help you to prevent transmission:


using condoms when having sex with your dating partner


avoiding sex before, during, or immediately after your Herpes outbreaks


taking the prescribed suppressive medicines to prevent the chance of transmission

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