Initial dating steps for men


Planning to go on a date with a girl you have met online at one of the dating sites for singles? Well, even if you feel like you are ready to arrange the best first date ever… are you sure that you remember all the important points connected with it?

Let’s check out all the consequent steps that you should take before you actually go on a date. It’s not that you are likely to have a totally unsuccessful date if you forget something, of course, but, anyway, it’s always better to be forearmed and stay on the safe side, right? So lets’ start from the basics.

Your appearance

Your looks is the key to success number one. It means that you must look perfect. But at the same time, that doesn’t automatically mean that you must wear something expensive and trendy – just your best bib and tucker, clothes, which you feel comfortable in. And don’t forget to pay attention to all those trifles (the absence of three-day stubble, fresh breath, clean shoes, hair and fingernails, etc.) that make up the whole picture of handsome you.

Place for your date

Don’t be lazy and do some homework so that you could be sure about her interests, likes and dislikes and on the strength of the information you receive choose the best acceptable variant for your date. There are enough of various useful advice as for the best first date places to be found on the web today, so you have a good opportunity to study all of them and pick up something original. In other words, follow the most interesting ideas that you can find online or imagine yourself to make her both happy and safe by your side. The primary aim of any date is having fun together, so your task is only to bring it to life.


What is it that serves a good background for any date? Right – it is the conversation between you and her that helps you both to overcome some psychological barriers (if any), and simply have fun, getting to know each other better in order to establish long-lasting connections. Keep in mind that when on a date with a girl, you are supposed to talk about something equally interesting for both of you, not the issues that can potentially be a source of misunderstanding and moments of awkward silence. That is why think of some really good conversation starters beforehand, so that she could join you in your discussion of anything enjoyable. For example, you can tell her something interesting about yourself and suggest her do the same – a truly safe choice for a beginning.

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