My investigative experiment with online dating site


My experiment

I registered at one of the best dating sites just for investigative experiment. I created the best profile possible and even added the best pictures possible. I got a lot of messages, hugs, kisses, winks and all that sort of things, but accepted everything critically. I didn’t believe in the seriousness of such relations and in the possibility to find a long-term partner.

The match I got

After several futile correspondences, a certain Mr. John Went invited me on a date. It was the most romantic date in my life, although I was sure that this was impossible. Everything was like in a love story book: his gestures, his words, the themes of our conversation, tons of gifts. His company was so pleasant for me that I didn’t want to depart him in the evening. And his approach to all our dates was so romantic and touching that I was amazed, because I have never thought that a man can feel all this.

The only thing worried me since I understood that I really liked him. I worried about sex. During all our dates he was extremely kind, romantic. But what about sex? He didn’t even hint on it. But then I understood that he just waited until it became clear the seriousness of our relationship. When it happened, it was miraculously, at least it seemed so. No disappointments about the sex and no disappointments that we waited for some time, because this only sharpens our feelings. He again did everything as in a novel. Night was falling. His bed was covered with leopard linens and there were numerous candles around it. To create a romantic mood, he turned on some romantic music. Can you imagine what it’s like to seek common ground of souls and bodies under the “night along the road”?

This reassured me, as I didn’t want to have sex problems after the wedding! Before meeting John I was completely sure that only those men, who have some sex problems, register on different dating sites. So, this gave me a chance to make sure that dating sites is a place where ordinary people can find their match quickly and surely.

After several meetings and one sex, he took me to his mom and we got married in a month. Now we are together for more than a year and I’m going to have a baby in two months.

So, this is how my investigative experience ended. And now I can give an advice to everyone who is hesitating whether to try online dating or not. Don’t be afraid to try, you won’t lose anything, but can get a lot thanks to online dating sites.

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