Michelle and Arthur: when all starts in a strange way


It was, well, let me remember, in June 2013 when we first met with Arthur online at chemistry.com. By that time I thought that online kind of dating was definitely NOT for me so I was going to delete my profile. The only reason why I left it was because Arthur was interested in me – otherwise he wouldn’t have sent me an initial message, I guess. But the matter was it was completely empty. I didn’t know for sure whether it was done by him intentionally or accidentally but I replied with something like: “OK, hello to you”. That was actually the first phrase and the first kind of “dialogue” that changed almost everything for both of us.

We started our messaging, Arthur happened to live in the same city with me and so after about a fortnight of instant messaging and then talking over the Skype, he decided that it would be a good idea to meet somewhere in a café. Well, the one we’ve both chosen for a meeting was rather a busy, public place – but, we weren’t going to lose anything in case we didn’t come up to each other’s expectations. When I saw him for the first time, Arthur was sitting next to his cup of coffee… And he took my breath away – literally, I’d never thought that could happen to me. But I managed to overcome this moment of weakness somehow and greeted him, introduced myself…. I was so nervous, can you imagine that? Like it was my first date… Well, right, it was the first one with Arthur. But Arthur conquered me with his sense of humor and calmed down very soon. We talked for about two hours or so. It turned out that we share so many devotions we didn’t even know about before! Brian’s profile happened to be incomplete… at least it didn’t tell me that Arthur was ideal for me.

What happened next

So, after that meeting about a week passed up to the next moment when Arthur suggested us arranging a “real date” – this time he met me after work for a cinema show. We both liked the movie and discussed it for nearly two hours. Yes, there was definitely some chemistry between us. It was like we… I dunno, like we had always known each other (I know, I know that sounds a bit hackneyed but it happened just that way).

And, of course, we had many more other dates… We made so many trips together, visited so many places, experienced so many unforgettable emotions, and made so many plans for the future. For instance, no we are thinking about having a voyage to Europe together – what can be more exciting.

And Arthur… he happened to be my perfect match. We can both call the connection between us even more than love, this wonderful feeling that we share – all due to the chemistry.com website!

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