Another three must-know rules for your date


Let’s say you’ve met a cute girl at one of the free online dating services and now planning a date with her. If you ask yourself a simple question “how do I define a more or less successful date?” you will soon understand that the answer is easy. There are two main things that you wait from yourself at any date: being as smart as possible to produce a good impression on her and at the same time you hope to avoid making all the or most of the typical mistakes. So, if you want to make your first date a starting point for more continuous relations, learn these three simple dating advice for men that you might find helpful.

Make her feel comfortable so that she could have fun

This is the first thing that you should take into consideration. Just know more about what she enjoys doing in her free time – either alone or in a company. For instance, if she is fond of singing – go to a karaoke bar with her. Even if you don’t have an ear for music, don’t be afraid of showing up as a funny person – let her at least try to teach you. Whatever she likes, join her in her activities, she will surely appreciate that, which will also help a lot to make her feel at ease and enjoy your date – for this is one of the reasons why people go dating – to have fun together, right?

To make her fully enjoy your date, just be optimistic and full of energy and joy during the time you spend together. Think about some ways of making your date special. Believe that even the conversation at dinner in a restaurant can be an exciting experience for both of you – but here you must remember that listening is more important than talking. By the way, learn some reliable ways of reading her body language to know whether she enjoys your date or is bored.

Let her think of another date with you

Show your interest in continuing contacts and communication with her – put out a feeler about the next date with you some day. Otherwise, if she enjoys your date she might think that you consider her as a girl for one night stand only. Remember that girls really like to date men who are able to create an enjoyable atmosphere around them.

Always be confident in what you say and do

Confidence is the thing that is mentioned in any list of dating tips. And there is a solid background for that – successful date is impossible to imagine without confidence. The lack of it inevitable leads to all those awkward moments and tensed situations. And these are not the things you want to happen to you, are they? For that purpose you should look fresh and tidy – in a word, properly enough to feel relaxed – which will in its turn add much to your confidence.

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