The Online Dating Advice and Tips that Girls Wish You Knew



It is time to get known what women really wish you knew about dating online. Think you know all about it? So men, you do not know everything! And girls, if you agree with the list below, please share it with your friends. Thus, we can help the guys understand their mistakes, and make the interaction on online dating websites for singles even better for everyone!

Tip #1. Every day I get bombarded with emails. So back off!

Please do not attack me if I do not respond to the first emails. Instead of attacking with childish insults, come up with an approach how to get my attention actually? Trust me, I am worth the effort.

Tip #2. If you desire my attention, you should get creative.

What might you think writing messages that say “what’s good baby”, “hey” and everybody’s favorite, “what’s up”. I receive more emails every day than I could respond to. Why should I answer the most unoriginal, uninspired, and boring messages?

Tip #3. Your concentration on my look isn’t flattering me.

Approaching 101 – Do not start with the compliments on my appearance. Yes, a female always loves to get complimented. But I like also to earn those compliments from a person that knows me; otherwise, I feel nothing more than just an object to you.

Tip #4. If someone asks what I do if I live one more time…

I know you’re just being pleasant and want to talk, but I cannot take any more little talk questions. Say me something interesting and stimulate me to be engaged in the conversation with you.

Tip #5. I read your dating profile and mainly approve or reject you based on the things you write.

Most of my conclusions are going to be founded on the things you write, and if we’re compatible based on that. An inappropriate profile that does not sell you makes me a girl you have no chance with.

Tip #6. Nothing more I like more than a properly written spammed email.

It is what I have always dreamed about. To receive the same messages that have been sent to hundred other girls this day is not the way to attract a woman.

Tip #7. Be more decided.

As a very attractive woman who is well educated, please understand I have a very busy schedule and my free time is limited. I really do not have any time to write hundreds emails before you get enough sense or courage to ask my phone number.

Tip #8. Please do not ever write me again if I do not respond from the first time.

If I did not answer you from the first time, I am not going to respond the second, and third, and oh, do I need to file a restraining order against the hate-filled, venomous fourth email?

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