Online dating profile mistakes to be avoided


Unattractive username

Your username is one of the key points, which you should consider from the very start of your online dating experience – if for no other reason than because your username is the very first thing other people learn about you. So it’s a good chance to attract everyone’s attention – don’t waste it. Browse around the profiles and avoid the most typical names like “Singleguy”, “Lonelywoman” or “John35”. Stand out from the crowd and invent something really original and unique. In other words, learn how to present yourself in a short word combination to express your essence.

Bad photos

Your photo is another strong aspect that can help you score more winning points – so you’ve got to upload some of your best ones. Remember to avoid the worst variants, coming out from social networking websites – self-portraits taken with your cellphone, casual portraits of you against the background of your messy room, outdated photos, photos of you in a company of your drunken friends and so on. Upload only recent photos – one headshot and one full body shot, may be taken by a professional photographer will be enough for a beginning.

Again – don’t forget that you’ve signed up for a dating website. It’s not like being registered at and make friends – if you are looking for flirt, romantic relations, you should be more serious about that.

Grammar/spelling mistakes

Although it is a common thing for the online communication to use all kinds of abbreviations and acronyms like LOL, 4U, thnx (and many, many other ones, thousands of them), try at least to avoid the excessive use of them and not turn your online dating into some kind of street talk. Besides, there’s one more useful thing that you should descend – built-in spellcheck at many dating sites for singles, for instance, will let you avoid making too much mistakes, so that people could clearly understand what you are trying to tell them.

Too much adjectives to describe yourself work against you

Most dating profiles today are simply stuffed with all kinds of adjectives like sporty, athletic, caring, adventurous, romantic, etc. Wait a minute. How about the good old principle of showing what kind of person you are, not telling about it in one word? So instead of writing that you are an “adventurous” person, you could describe in details some of the most unusual adventures that you’ve experienced in your life.

Your dating profile has to be written in your own voice and addressing directly to the people who will read it. Therefore better spend some time on creating some really unique profile of yours to catch anyone’s eye than get into the category of the stereotypical accounts people use to skip over and forget in a minute.

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