Research on why racial segregation appears in dating online


Study says about racial segregation in dating online

When it comes to dating online, segregation appears to be well and alive. After analyzing over one million profiles on a leading dating site, the University of California Berkeley’s researchers concluded that whites are very unlikely to start contact with blacks.

Even when the profiles indicate that they’re indifferent considering the ethnicity or race of a potential love interest. The researchers hoped to find homophily, a socialscience word which means to love the same, in their analysis they’re surprised that the internet didn’t play a role in weaken reluctance to date outside one’s own race.

“When the limitations of segregation are grown by technology, what do folks do? They do not act all that differently,” Gerald Mendelsohn said, PhD who worked on that study. “Segregation stays a state of mind as it is a physical reality.”

The research indicates that over 80 per cent of the talks initiated by whites were to other whites. Only 3 per cent went to black people. Black users of the same website were more willing to dating white persons and were 10 times more willing to contact whites. Black males were slightly more likely to initiate contact actually with white females than black females.

Professor Mendelsohn, put down this to the cultural imperatives influence on all American males. “In the country, the concept of feminine attractiveness is based entirely on the images of white females… the hypothesis some folks have argued is that there’s no surprise that black males should contact white females, because that is where we get our concept of who is pretty.”

The latest research of Mendelsohn doesn’t draw conclusions as to why online dating members make certain options, but he found out that the conclusions indicate that the USA hasn’t entered into a “post racial era”.

The U.C Berkeley research that was collaborated between Professor Mendelsohn, Andrew T. Fiore, Coye Cheshire and Lindsay Shaw Taylor said that black women were a least likely group of the discussed in the research, to be contacted on the dating website. 26 years old Aja Worthy-Davis says that she isn’t surprised by this statistic.

“If you’re a black girl on and you are not going to contact then you’re not going actually to date. That is just the reality,” Worthy-Davis said from the home in Brooklyn. Being a political operative in New York City, Worthy-Davis says that she registered on Match in 2004, when in college. She also says that she contacted with the three guys that she ended up dating in person. The most serious relationship that resulted from that experience was with a Russian guy.

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