Taming of the Shrew: the tricks you never knew!



Are you a guy who have never been the suave ladies guy but wanted always to be one? Do you consider the ladies are your problem? Or maybe is it you?

Professional pick up artist and author Joshua Pellicer has written a good book that helps people overcome their fears of approaching females and gives them the skills to charm any lady you want! He was on television interviews, radio talk shows and hosted the radio talk show that provides singles dating advice for men called “Game On”.

Does it work? Just read some of his free tips and you’ll certainly get what I mean… Actually, I wish I’d known these useful tips a long ago.

First, Pellicer breaks some myths considering female’s expectations of males. He discusses general mistakes which both women and men make in the world of dating. Here are several examples:

A common misconception is that females are attracted to wealth. They are actually attracted to success. Just because you don’t have money doesn’t mean the female won’t like you. Just be confident.

97 per cent of females say that guys with bald head are sexy. 89% per cent find that huge, steroid muscles of men can be repelling. It isn’t about your look. It is about the way you represent your appearance.

Pellicer teaches both women and men body language. Especially, how to read a body language of woman and send the signs you wish with yours.

For instance, here are several free tips I am sharing with you, the tips will create a huge difference in your approach during you talk to women, and that is just a little drop in the sea of super easy and cool tips the author shares, so read these free tips:

When you are speaking with a woman, don’t face straight toward her your chest too early. This may seem both needy and intimidating. At first keep it slightly turned away.

When approaching to a female, look at her mouth. This “sexual trigger” makes the woman think of sleeping with you subconsciously. Don’t do this all the time, because she can think you are creepy and strange. But occasionally take a look at her lips.

Joshua in his book also gives some awesome pick up lines and explains how to keep a conversation that will impress her for sure…

With these guides, rules, tips and (and a lot of others within the book), Pellicer claims that he can change most men into successful dating machines!

An author of fellow dating program, Goran Nikilov, said that this dating book for men is like a treasure but for guys who don’t know how to find an approach to women it is just a must, for guys who have the fear of rejection – especially!

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