I never thought I can find the true love of my life from the first try


I thought what if I dip my toe in the online dating ocean again and after being for 10 years with my ex, I didn’t imagine what to expect. I wanted ‘wow’ effect, so I looked through plenty of profiles over several weeks. I knew for certain what I wanted in man’s personality, but how could I find him by picture?

Then I received an email from a man with dark, brooding look and I was very intrigued. He was very cute! His profile and email made me laugh, so he already sounded like a real keeper. There were some things in that gorgeous appearance that drew me in. And I thought, “Know what? What if this man is the one and I never gave a chance to him?”

What were the chances of that?

We interact online for two weeks and it was absolutely clear there was a true connection. We’re both in almost similar situations, recently divorced, and his son was only one month younger than my daughter – what were the chances of that? It was so easy to chat, every time we emailed I got a fool grin on my face! I understood his sense of humour and he understood mine!

Then I moved to my house and was without the Internet for over two weeks – these were the longest two weeks in my life! When finally I got back online, I looked through his profile and his location had changed! I sent him a furious message, and he said that he had thought I had got bored of him when he did not hear from me, so he’d taken a job offer in other town! He was leaving in 9 weeks.

‘WOW’ effect happened!

We had a meeting for a dinner, and, – WOW! We hit it off almost immediately. There was something in this man. From that night, we’re inseparable. Within three weeks both of us knew this was the true thing. We’re over heels in love. And then he decided to stay in the city!

Seven months later and we have just moved together into our first place. We have started our business and most days work together. Our kids are best friends, and are joyous about becoming sister and brother when I and Mark get married last year. And we’re planning a baby soon after!

I’m amazed every single day at how our life can do an absolute 180 degrees turn in such a very short time. I never imagined I’d find the love of all my life from the first try. And I couldn’t dream I would be so happy! From the bottom of our very happy hearts, we are so grateful for Matchmaker.com every day. Without this chance, I might never have met him and I would never have the life that I have now.

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