Tips on successful dating Filipino women for you


Starting any relationships with a girl from the other country (no matter where you meet her – on a free dating website online or in a pub) always involves learning some basics about the world of her native culture, traditions and other things like that. Of course, you can rely upon the good old delusion that all the women are the same and improvise, but, you know, nobody will guarantee you this will work with that very girl you have chosen.

So it’s always better to choose a sensible alternative and know some important tips before dating a Filipino woman, or true “Pinay”, as they are also called. It’s a widespread knowledge that Filipino women are nice, very understanding, caring and loyal in general. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have to be seriously made aware of:

The attitude towards dating in her culture.

The girls from the Philippines are as a rule seriously involved with their origins and cultural background. That means the traditional beliefs and values of her country are with her. For example, when dating a Filipino woman, be ready to pay for the date expenses yourself, as she will expect you to do that.

Family ties to be considered.

In case you are planning to build serious relations with a Filipino women, be ready that you will have to get to know her family better. The Filipino women usually stay closely connected with their families. Some if the either live with the family or support the family members financially. However, that doesn’t mean that if you are going to marry a Filipino girl, you will have to marry her family, too, as Malicious gossip has it. Most of the families are really hospitable, but here is one important point to remember about – you will have to produce a good impression on her family if you want her to choose you for serious relations, that’s true.

Conventional ways of communication.

And, for the matter of that, most Filipino women still remain very conventional in their habits and manners. So be prepared that good old-style courting will take you some time get to know her better, because in her country such things are still considered very important. That is why don’t try to speed the things up – better be patient and your patience will be rewarded sooner or later. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that Filipino women are too shy or aren’t open enough. No, actually, Filipino women can be characterized to be quite sincere and open, if compared to other Asian women.

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