Know what’s wrong with your dating process – stay informed!


Let’s talk about why it’s sometimes so difficult to date a girl – in real life, not at one of the free dating websites for singles. Just make sure that you can realize and take into consideration the following possible drawbacks of your dating.

Being a boaster or a poser? Be, not seem!

Talking too much about the things you can do for a girl you are dating? Consider it to be the right way of winning her heart? Of course that can help a bit to produce an impression on some sensitive women, but it can be a false one. And at the same time, let’s not forget that if people use to flaunt or show off, that usually means they try to hide the absence of their self-belief. Oh well, do you really think that women aren’t aware of the good old saying “Actions speak louder than words”?

That is why always try to face up to real things and never attempt to be or show up as the person whom you really not are. Believe that if a woman sees something you that you’ve already achieved in your life (your house, car, the list of your sport awards, whatever), this will result in much greater effect on her. So be honest with yourself and your date and show your best qualities – in deed and not in name. Only then the girl will see in you someone who can protect and take care of her – they appreciate the men who pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.

Uncertainty of yours? Better stay confident!

A type of your social behavior that can be defined as your wish to be clingy, just because you want to be taken care of is indeed one of the worst enemies in your dating someone – a real disaster can happen from the very start of your relationships also if you demonstrate that you like being pleased in all aspects because you’re a molly… Well, never, never do that around women. Learn how to become an undemanding person, who is always sure in his actions and know for sure what he wants to be done by his own deeds – concentrate on the ability to be happy even without a woman nearby.

We all use to do that… Sometimes.

Making all those excuses for lacking some of the qualities she wants you to possess (i.e. being not the right kind of man for her) – isn’t that silly at times indeed? In most cases that makes men even bigger outsiders in the eyes of women. Do not focus on your shortcomings – nobody’s perfect, you know, so better cultivate your abilities in order to get rid of them. Ignore her comments on your being weak at some points. Remember that every time you make excuses, you start playing on her field by her rules – and sooner or later she gains the total emotional control of you – is this really what you want to gain by that? Admit your mistakes; apologize for them if the situation requires that. You should also say words in your defence – but only in case you are not going to labour an issue into the ground.

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