Women’s idea of a real beauty


As some of the recent researches show, many women around the world these days surprisingly think that real beauty means more than just physical appearance. In women’s opinion, the notion of beauty should include “character traits, passion and presence” as well. So, what are those other factors then, that make people beautiful? Let’s find out that now and see why so many men nowadays fail to recognize the women’s beauty correctly while dating online at the free dating sites.

Main women’s criteria of beauty

As according to the study, slightly more than 65 per cent of women stick to the opinion that mere physical attractiveness shows just how this or that person looks like, while the conception of beauty can be understood only through the knowing of the fact who that one person is.

Most women place such traits as confidence, happiness, dignity and sense of humor at the top of the list of the key beauty criteria. Of course, this comes together with such traditional components of beauty as physical appearance, stature, body weight, etc. The sense of style in clothes and make-up can be placed mentioned here as well.

The many faces of beauty

Many women also believe that true beauty is:


In attitude, spirit and other attributes, and not just found in the physical appearance or womanhood (77 per cent of the responded women think so);


Something “special” about each women on Earth (85 per cent of women are sure that this is true);


Something that any woman can possess at any age (89 ! per cent of women believe in that);


Happiness – 86 per cent of all women think that they feel really beautiful only when they are happy, safe and sound in their life;


Something that they would want to give their future daughters; at least, the feeling of it even in case their appearance isn’t attractive (again the overwhelming majority of women – 82 per cent – think this way).


The study mentioned clearly and vividly shows us that the original nature of women’s beauty is something that deals more with a heart of any women and also can be found in her mind rather than in her appearance and physical attractiveness. Unfortunately, a lot of men today do not realize this idea, paying more attention to the “external parameters” they find acceptable for women.

So we can only hope that the positive sides of any woman’s nature, such as kindness, wisdom, confidence or dignity won’t be forgotten by men in the search for an ideal woman to meet all their requirements.

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