The worst headers that online dating sites users can use in e-mails


What are the worst dating e-mail headers that can be used?

First impression is everything, and it is especially true when they consider online dating. The first email to the potentially-special date can break or make it! You need to ensure that it is inoffensive, appealing and, of course, interesting to another user on the receiving end. Each element of the first contact is very important, and demands a good deal of attention.

A header or email subject line is the very important part of what people are going to see. In a case the user has a profile, which tends to receive a lot of messages; he/she might not even read every message. The user might find a texting message subject that looks very interesting and concentrate on this one, leaving all other emails to atrophy in the email inbox.

While we cannot tell users what will surely work when it comes to the header of your online dating messages, we can give all users some idea of headers that won’t work. We are going to describe some of the most common email headers used by other members, guaranteed to get your special person to look away your each message every time:

Could you be the one? Indeed? Relax. Sure, you just want to achieve a long-run relationship with partner. But let’s not begin right now the commitment, shall we? They need some breathing space.

Blah, Blah, Blah. Okay, while this might give you some potential partners by invoking the words of the song with the same name of party girl Ke$ha, the matter is that a lot of people who get a message with the same subject will assume you are talking about yourself.

Seeking to meet people. No, you are not trying to get acquainted with new people. You are able to do it on Facebook or blogs or forums. On any online dating website, you are looking for a potential date.

My partner in crime. Mentioning some kind of crime is never a very good way to impress people.

Are you Prince Charming? It tells that you put the high expectations from the beginning.

I am the one your father warned you about. Um, sure, you are kidding, but people do not always know that. So, you might be really the one their father warned them about.

I never do this. Oh, yes. You do, in reality. You are doing it just now, to all intends and purposes.

What is the worst dating message header you have seen?

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