how can you tell if someone unfriended you on discord

Title: How Can You Tell If Someone Unfriended You on Discord?


Discord has become an essential platform for communication, connecting friends, and building communities. With its user-friendly interface, it’s natural to wonder whether someone has unfriended you. In this article, we’ll explore various signs that can indicate if someone has unfriended you on Discord.

1. Absence from Your Friends List:

The most obvious indication that someone has unfriended you on Discord is their sudden disappearance from your friends list. If you search for their username and they’re no longer there, it’s likely they’ve clicked the dreaded “Unfriend” button. Unfortunately, Discord does not send any notifications when this happens.

2. Unable to Access Their Profile:

Another way to determine if someone has unfriended you is by trying to access their profile. If you click on their username and are redirected to the Discord homepage or encounter an error message, it could mean that they have unfriended you. Keep in mind that other factors, such as incorrect username or server bans, can also cause this issue.

3. Lack of DM History:

One surefire sign of being unfriended is the absence of any direct message (DM) history with the person you suspect. If your previous conversations suddenly vanish, it’s likely they have ended the friendship. However, it’s essential to consider other possibilities like server bans or account deletion, as those can also result in lost DM history.

4. Mutual Server Observation:

If you’re both members of a mutual server, it’s worth checking whether they are still present. If you can no longer see their username within the server member list, it strongly suggests that they’ve unfriended you. However, always double-check to ensure they haven’t been moved to a different role or channel within the server.

5. Loss of Direct Communication:

A clear indication of being unfriended is the sudden lack of direct communication. If you previously chatted privately with someone, but they no longer respond or initiate conversations, they might have chosen to unfriend you. Ensure you consider other circumstances that may have impacted their availability, such as personal issues or time constraints.

6. Secondhand Information:

Sometimes, friends in common can provide valuable insights. If someone close to you brings up the fact that they noticed you’re no longer friends with a particular person on Discord, it’s quite likely that they unfriended you. However, remember to handle this information delicately and respect any reasons for the unfriending that may have been shared confidentially.


While Discord does not explicitly notify you when someone unfriends you, several signs can help you conclude whether or not a friendship has ended on the platform. Keep in mind that technical issues, server bans, or account deletions can also contribute to these signs, so it’s essential not to jump to conclusions. Ultimately, maintaining open and honest communication is the key to resolving any misunderstandings or conflicts.

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Disclaimer: This article is solely for informational purposes. Discord and its features are subject to change, and the signs listed may not always guarantee that someone has unfriended you.

How can you tell if someone unfriended you on Discord?